Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iraqi hypocrisy

After the Turks invaded northern Iraq (Kurdistan), Iraq obviously condemns the Turkish effort and suddenly expects the Turks to withdraw cold turkey.

Well here's an idea: how about the Iraqi government stamps out the PKK so they won't have their sovereignty threatened. If the Kurds had little sympathy towards the PKK, as stated in the article, then perhaps they would have done a lot more to prevent them from setting up shop in their turf. Just another excuse to make themselves look like victims. Typical.

To those who think Turkey has no right to act upon this menace, all I have to say is: remember Pancho Villa and his cross-border raid in New Mexico in 1916?


Arayus said...

Our Kurdish brothers are discriminated against in every Muslim country they live in. Even in Turkey they had serious restrictions put on their language and culture.

If we as Muslims cant respect their rights as a people when live in our countries then they should be given their own country where they can respect themselves.

bathmate said...

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