Thursday, August 30, 2007

Long Hiatus

It's been a while since I last made a post, and of course so much has happened since then, such as Virginia Tech, Lal Masjid, Tom Tancredo's call to nuke Mecca and Medina, Obama's call to invade Pakistan, the stoning of a Kurdish girl by Yezidi fanatics, the thwarted bomb plots in England committed by stupid disaffected Muslims, etc.

The reason why I did not update this blog is purely out of laziness. I stopped giving a shit about blogging since I was too lazy to express my opinions on a blog that very few people bothered to read about.

Now I'm thinking about moving to WordPress, but due to the decision by the Turkish court to ban all WordPress blogs, I have to reconsider.

Even though school has started, I will try my best to update this blog as much as possible with relevant material. That means you will very rarely, if ever, find blog posts about my personal life since it is highly irrelevant to this blog and moreso about the events that affect us worldwide.

For those who have waited patiently for a blog post (I doubt there are but just in case), I would like to apologize for my inactivity spurred by my laziness and lack of drive.

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