Monday, March 31, 2008

Open question to Geert Wilders supporters

Alright listen up you Wilders minions.

Do you, with true honesty, believe that Geert Wilders is a true knight of freedom?

Do you believe that Geert Wilder is more brave than Anna Politkovskaya, despite the amount of work she has committed for the truth?

Do you believe that the work of a journalist who went through war zones to bring the truth of oppression to the masses is less than that of a bumbling ugly Dutchman who indulges in a slavish conspiracy theory?

Do you believe that demonizing Muslims is more important than someone who risked everything to put those who are committing injustice to, well, justice?

I'll await your response


Anonymous said...

Wilders may be a complete bafoon, but that does not invalidate the message of his movie - that there are segments of muslim clerics (and people who agree with those clerics), who use verses from the quran to encourage hatred and violent acts.

Arayus said...

I've watched the film Fitna. Its utter retardation.

He takes verses... cuts them in half sometimes, splices them with images, then takes them completely out of contexts and sometimes adds words to the verses on top of that.

Its pure propaganda.