Friday, February 16, 2007

Hypocrisy by the Right (LGF, JW, FoxNews, etc.)

When word broke out that the shooter of the Trolly Square Mall in Salt Lake City was a Bosnian Muslim, the usual suspects from the right, such as Rush Limbaugh, Robert Spencer, and Charles Johnson, were marked with anger and tried foolishly to pin this shooting on an alleged wave of "Islamoterror". They also had the dubious distinction of complaining about how the MSM "intentionally" left out that he was a Muslim out of PC-ness they claim. Since when did identifying his religion become a factor? Only when it is a Muslim in question, apparently. When a BNP member assaults a Pakistani or black man in the UK, you won't ever see these fools ever campaign for the release of the suspect's religion.

That being said, the right is unusually silent when it comes to a white ex member of a notorious racist party that would make Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh look like a bunch of Jane Fonda liberals, the BNP, who was recently arrested in a plot to assasinate the Prime Minister and stockpile weapons in anticipation for civil war.

According to The Telegraph, a few things I would like to note about this individual in question:

An entry in Cottage's diary read: "Thought for the Day. The easiest way to save the country is to assassinate Tony Blair and when Prescott takes over shoot that f***** as well."

In addition to targeting Mr Blair, he spoke of wanting to shoot Lord Greaves, the Liberal Democrat peer

So they advocate murdering British PM Tony Blair, yet the right stay unusually silent about this.

Another interesting tidbit:

Police searched the couple's terrace home last September and found 21 chemicals that in various combinations could be turned into explosives. They also found large amounts of rice and sugar, both of which can be used in the manufacture of explosives, as well as crossbows, air pistols, ball-bearings and canisters filled with petrol

I remember when the Canadian Muslims who were caught in a plot to commit the worst attack in Toronto, the media was nonstop in their coverage when the weapons and fertilizer were discovered, yet again, where is the non-stop coverage when a huge stash of weapons is discovered by a white Christian male?

And finally:

"He is very religious and has become more and more so. He doesn't attend church. He prays to God all the time, he says, in his head."

God forbid! He was very religious with a stash of weapons, so it could mean one thing: he must be one of them "Mohammadans"! Only in this case, he was a zealous Christian who had some apocalyptic dreams of a civil war in Britain.

Yet the Bosnian teen shooter never prayed and been to a mosque, and you have reactionary fools from LGF, JW, and MPJ jumping on the news of him being a Muslim.

So you have someone who had potential to do some deadly damage on the scale of the July 7th attacks in 2005, yet the media turns a blind eye towards it, and the right do not utter a word about this.

Yet the far right bitch and moan about the supposed PC efforts in the Trolley Square murders.

Now how's that for hypocrisy?

The right should put their money where their mouth is and stop being such hypocrites when it comes to press honesty, because last I checked, they only choose what suits them for their agenda and discard it when it doesn't.


Fluent-Sudani said...

Messed up world we live in, bro.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about England or America, but in Belgium it's funny.

On one hand, yes, you have the extreme right attacking people. I'd have to agree. They're villified every single time.

However regularly the party members of the extreme right are under attack. I believe his car has been molested a dozen times. Everytime we seem to have "lost" any suspects.