Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jeremy Clarkson exposes American hypocrisies on sensitivity

The fine lads at BBC Two's Top Gear (which is only aired in the UK, but easily available via Bittorrent) came out with a new episode where they make it to America. From their journey in FL to Alabama and then to the shithole known as New Orleans, they document their activities in the American heartland where Bush, the Bible, and homophobia runs dominant in those neck of the woods.

This clip from the recent episode has got to be the funniest stuff I have ever seen in ages. Words can't describe the awesomeness of what they have done.

So before you go criticize the Muslims for having their sensitivities hurt, keep this video clip in mind and realize that even Bible-thumping right-wing incest-loving Christians in the Deep South also respond with violent force when their views are being contradicted by "outsiders".

I swear to God, the Deep South would be a perfect place for conservative Muslims ironically, since it is very religious and homophobia runs rampant there. Personally I wouldn't give a shit if the South was carpet bombed a thousand times, but that's just me. They are the biggest disgrace to America, bar none.


Modern Pharaoh said...

Goes to show you how much Propaganda and Media can effect ones mind! These bible fanatics never get any air play thats why we don't hear much about them!

But yet they don't kill people in the name of Jihad either! ;)

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Tarek, I take it that you have never heard of the Lord's Resistance Army based out of Uganda.

They are a fundamentalist Christian rebel group that aims to install Biblical Law in the country by wanton force, even recruiting children as soldiers if necessary.

They are a disgusting breed but still you don't hear much about them on the media, except maybe a few articles on the BBC(and I'm being optimistic about that lol).

anti islamic fascist said...

You obviously do not know the meaning of "hypocrisies".

I am a fundamentalist Christian, who is an Coptic Orthodox Christian and the Church defines a hypocrite as a person who says he is a Christian with his lips but is not according to Canon Law.

You, who call yourself "the anti-wahhabi" is the real munafiq (hypocrite) according to Sharia as you are not practise true Islam, which is recorded in Quran and Hadith.

Quran and Hadith clearly confirm the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladin is a true Muslim as he like the Prophet Muhammad are terrorists, murderers, rapists and robberts.

Prophet Muhammad raped a 9 year old girl Aisha, and in Islamic Iran and Islamic Egypt prostitution/paedophilia is legal. Egypt calls it Orfi marriage, while Iran calls it Mutaa. Minimum age of consent is 9 years as this is Sunnah.

The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Hey anti-Islamic fascist, shouldn't you go kill people who work on the Sabbath, according to your Old Testament?

Shouldn't you go ban your Coptic followers from visiting ancient Egyptian sites, as your church has done when ruled by Egypt?

Did you conveniently forget how your fellow Byzantine "brothers" oppressed your people because they considered you Copts as "heretics"? Quite ironic how it was the Copts who welcomed the Arab invaders as "liberators", kind of like how the Iraqi Shi'a welcomed the Americans as liberators as well, eh?

On another note, you should conver to Protestantism and discard your Coptic identity, since the Christian Right continues to see all Orthodoxy sects as "heretical".

B.BarNavi said...

Watch it - we ain't ALL salt-o'-the-earth morons below the Mason-Dixon. I heard Atlanta's nice and fundie-free this time of year.