Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Iraqis dead in the latest carnage

More Iraqis continue to die from the hands of suicide bombers

Words absolutely cannot describe my anger towards the bastards that perpretrated this act, but I must attempt it to convey my feelings towards these barbarians. Day after day, night after night, deranged suicide bomberz continues to murder innocent Iraqis, and I am sick and outraged at the lack of outrage towards these cowards by the Arab and Muslim world. We all know how the Muslim world engages in an uproar over the stupid Danish cartoons, the dumb Pope's opinion on Islam, or a group of non-Muslims insulting the Qu'ran, yet when these animals twist God's words into a gospel of hatred and violence to murder innocent people, Muslims around the world are conspicously silent. Many Muslims are too busy cursing the U.S. and the rest of the non-Muslim world for its abuses against other Muslims, yet not giving a shit about the rise of extremism in Muslim societies, from Casablanca to Cairo to Karachi to Jakarta. They start protesting in droves when the Danish cartoonists insult our Prophet, but when a group of piece of crap extremists from England distort the message of our Prophet for their own ends, no fatwas are apparent, nor the massive amount of protests against these people. When a thousand year old Islamic shrine is bombed, again, there is a lack of outrage in comparison to the Newsweek Qu'ran article, the Danish cartoons, or even the Pope's comments about Islam(which should've been ignored instead of whining like little bitches about it). Does there have to be another attack on their home countries to get the message to their heads, as was the case in Amman, Jordan in November 11, 2005? I am just simply ashamed and disgusted at the lack of attention and disgust displayed towards these animals by the Arab/Muslim world.

When will al-Jazeera start displaying the brutality espoused by the terrorists in Iraq, instead of glorifying them? When will Muslim leaders such as Sheikh Tantawi of al-Azhar in Egypt or Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Qatar come out and excommunicate these demonic savages for twisting the name of Islam for their own personal ends? When will the Arab and Muslim world take a good look at themselves and see what cultural suicide they are engaging in? Instead of teaching their children to be educated and succeed in the modern world, and never to promote mischief, instead they are being brainwashed by impressionable imams to declare takfir and murder anyone who disagrees with their twisted ideology.

Tell me, what is the crime of these Iraqis who were murdered savagely in Hilla the other day? What is the crime of the Iraqis who continously are victims of gross slaughter by the evil terroristic scum in Sadr City? What did they do to deserve this? Is it because they are Shi'a, a sect that most Muslims believe is heretical and deviant because they are different? Is being a Shi'a a crime far worse than anyone could conceive in Iraq? Not just Iraq, but this sectarian disease is spreading to other Muslim countries, such as Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, to a lesser extent.

The news in Iraq continues to break my heart as each day passes by, as more Iraqis are maimed by these evil forces. I feel utterly helpless as children and women continue to suffer by these opportunistic devils. They claim to care about liberating the Iraqi nation (and the Ummah), but instead dwelve into their carnal lust of slaughtering innocents.
I don't know what else to say about Iraq, other than being a lost cause, because it is extremely difficult to be optimistic about Iraq when news such as this breaks out every single day. To those who believe Iraq is not in a civil war, open your eyes and see it for yourself.
Until the Arab and Muslim world come to their senses and stop displaying selective outrage towards incidents that suit them, they will continue to engage in intellectual, cultural, and unfortunately, religious suicide because while they claim to be devout Muslims, they are in fact running astray from Islam. I guess a 30 Year War is indeed possible in the near future.

God help us all.


Modern Pharaoh said...

First off. Welcome back!

as for your post: I couldn't have said it better myself!!

I absolutely feel your passion, anger and disgust in your writing of this post..thats exactly how i feel when i think about muslim/arab worlds reaction to things like the Cartoons and how they just stay silent about IMPORTANT issues such as the EVERYDAY DEATH and MAIMING of Iraqis.

This is the backlash of "Brain Drain" in the Arab world...all the smart, open minded people are leaving, and the country is left to the Douche Bags. People including myself need to go back to their country and make it a better place...and not just leave it in the hands of brainwashed angry idiots!!

ps: i hope HAYDAR pays your blog a

Modern Pharaoh said...
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The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Modern Pharaoh, I'm not Egyptian.

I'm a Pakistani Muslim from Karachi, but currently live in the U.S.

Modern Pharaoh said...

Ok bro, waiting for something new ;)

aliG said...

wahabis are kaafir.

Jaguar b. p. said...

I guess they shouldn't have voted in those pro-American elections huh

Aiding and abetting the Crusaders has its downsides, namely being killed by Allah the Most High.

"O you who believe, take not the jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them is of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust."

Al-Maida 5:51

nadia n said...

where do you live jaguar?

i bet odds are that it's under the rule of a government that are a bunch of kiss asses to the US. i bet some of your loved ones live in countries that by you own criteria means they deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

islamdom needs to be RIP-ed and rebuilt from scratch. such a shame to be muslim.

Anonymous said...

in fact america sould rule the whole muslim world as trustee. except msia and lebanon thogh. too much shit heads in power. and the whole muslim world needs to be sent for re-conversion to a true islam like that of our tarik ramadan and yasmin alibhai brown and irshad manji